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18 May 2013

Darren Tate - Horizons 03

Horizons 03 is the new album from Darren Tate, the producer of many classic trance tunes and also known as DT8 Project, Orion, Angelic and Jurgen Vries.

Track list:

01. Prologue: The Engagement (music from the motion picture film Snapshot)
02. The Wave
03. Sympathy
04. The Eternal (Big Piano Mix)
05. Electrified (as Tate & Diamond)
06. Sweet Sin (Dub Mix)
07. Twisted Robot
08. Rise Above The Anarchy (as Tate & Credland)
09. Be You Be Me (feat. Jodie Elms)
10. All I Am (feat. Jodie Elms)
11. Daylight Blinds Me (feat. Jodie Elms)
12. Field Of Dreams (Vocal Mix)
13. Tears
14. Midnight

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