Trance Album Releases

1 December 2012

Airwave - Bright Lines

The fifth artist album from Airwave is a two-part project. Bright Lines is the second part, following the previous release of Dark Lines.

Track list:

1. Hello World
2. Big City Spleen (feat R1)
3. Slipping (feat Tiff Lacey)
4. One Way Ticket
5. One Nation
6. Goodevil (feat DJ Odilon)
7. United 93 (feat John 00 Fleming)
8. Entheogen (feat Torley)
9. The Long Road To Freedom (feat Hadass Pal Yarden)
10. Chase Childhood Monsters (feat Avatar One)
11. Metropoli Sunrise (feat Santiago Nino)
12. Escapades On A Lawnmower
13. The Sum Of All Questions
14. Ten Years (feat Di)
15. While Elly Sleeps

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