Trance Album Releases

6 October 2012

York - Islanders

The new album from York is out now, featuring collaborations with The Thrillseekers and Mike Oldfield.

Track list:

1. Dying Star (Chill Out Mix)
2. Islanders (Chill Out Mix)
3. Abyss (Chill Out Mix)
4. Daydream (York's Album Mix)
5. Now What You Say About Love (Chill Out Mix)
6. He Aint' Mad (Chill Out Mix)
7. 1971 (Chill Out Mix)
8. Nothing Is Forever (Chill Out Mix)
9. Injection (Chill Out Mix)
10. Halfmoon Bay (Chill Out Mix)
11. Dejavu (Chill Out Mix)
12. Bye Bye Baby (Chill Out Mix)
13. Salida Del Sol (York's Album Mix)
14. If Only I
15. In The Thunder
16. Touched By God (Original Album Mix)
17. Lost Under The Sun
18. Swan Dive
19. Lost In A Circle
20. Nightmare (York's Album Mix)
21. Wanna Be Known (Mellow Mix)
22. Paperheart
23. Be A Giant

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