Trance Album Releases

14 July 2012

Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Prime Mover

The new album from Alex M.O.R.P.H. follows his debut 'Purple Audio' and features collaborations with Protoculture, Woody van Eyden, Tiff Lacey and Claudia Cazacu.


1. Eternal Flame
2. An Angel's Love - feat. Sylvia Tosun
3. Sucker Punch
4. Monday Morning Madness - feat. Shannon Hurley
5. Waking Up The Stars - with Protoculture
6. Jawa
7. Secret Universe - feat. Christian Burns
8. Bay Of Bengal
9. Connected
10. Antara (The Circle) - feat. Sylvia Tosun
11. Prime Mover
12. From The Universe With Love - feat. Sue McLaren
13. Sun Of Ilena
14. Tales Of The Black Panther, Pt.1
15. I See You - with Woody van Eyden and Tiff Lacey
16. Exstatic Avenger - with Claudia Cazacu
17. When I Close My Eyes - with Hannah

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