Trance Album Releases

2 September 2008

Simmonds & Jones - Interpretations

The new album from critically acclaimed electronic music producers Simmonds and Jones is out now.

Ricky Simmonds and Stephen Jones are the duo behind several successful dance music acts including The Space Brothers, Lustral, Ascension and Chakra.

"Interpretations" features blissful chilled-out versions of some of their best-known club tracks including The Space Brothers "Shine", Chakra "I Am", Ascension "Someone" and Oxygen "Am I On Your Mind".

Simmonds & Jones - Interpretations


1. For A Lifetime
2. Heaven Will Come
3. Legacy
4. Home
5. Kaleidoscope Of Memories
6. Someone
7. I Am
8. Troubled Soul
9. Many Years From Now
10. Shine
11. Love Shines Through
12. Am I On Your Mind

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