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26 July 2008

OceanLab - Sirens of the Sea

The long-awaited debut album from OceanLab is out now.

OceanLab is a side-project of trance superstars Above & Beyond along with vocalist Justine Suissa. Together they have become known for their massive trance hits such as "Satellite" and "Clear Blue Water".

"Sirens of the Sea" however attempts to evoke a more chilled-out Balearic feel rather than the pumping trance OceanLab are usually better known for.

OceanLab - Sirens of the Sea


1. Just Listen
2. Sirens Of The Sea
3. If I Could Fly
4. Breaking Ties
5. Miracle
6. Come Home
7. On A Good Day
8. Ashes
9. I Am What I Am
10. Lonely Girl
11. Secret
12. On The Beach
13. Breaking Ties (Flow Mix)

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