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21 November 2020

4 Strings - A Brand New Day

The new album from 4 Strings is out now and includes collaborations with Susanne Teutenberg, Maria Nayler, Neev Kennedy and more.

Track list:

01. Start Again ft. Susanne Teutenberg
02. Ocean Wave ft. Susanne Teutenberg
03. We Are All The Same
04. A Brand New Day ft. Susanne Teutenberg
05. I Feel You ft. Susanne Teutenberg
06. Sirius
07. All Through The Night ft. Susanne Teutenberg
08. Hard To Face The Truth ft. Susanne Teutenberg
09. Njala
10. Remember You As Mine ft. Maria Nayler
11. 13 Ways To Save The World
12. Now, Reality ft. Neev Kennedy
13. Backlight
14. Better Part Of Me ft. Sue Mclaren
15. Beautiful Light
16. You Move Me ft. Sarah Lynn
17. Soulmate
18. Stay ft. Waltin Jay
19. Remember Me
20. The Story Of Your Heart ft. Katty Heath

4 Strings - A Brand New Day album cover

4 Strings - A Brand New Day album video

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