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16 August 2020

BT - The Lost Art of Longing

The new artist album from BT is out now and includes collaborations with Emma Hewitt, Christian Burns, Matt Fax and more.


01 Game Theory
02 Wildfire
03 Walk Into the Water (feat. Matt Fax & Nation of One)
04 1AM in Paris - with Matt Fax
05 The Light Is Always On (feat. Au5 & Mangal Suvarnan)
06 The War - with Iraina Mancini
07 Weltanschauung
08 I Will Be Yours
09 If I Can Love You Right (feat. Lola Rhodes & Wish I Was)
10 Never Odd or Even
11 Windows (feat. April Bender)
12 Red Lights (feat. Christian Burns)
13 No Warning Lights - with Emma Hewitt
14 Save Me (feat. Christian Burns)
15 No Warning Lights (ALPHA 9 Remix)
16 No Warning Lights (Sean Tyas Remix)
17 No Warning Lights (Andy Duguid Remix)
18 1AM in Paris (7 inch)
19 The War (7 inch)
20 No Warning Lights (7 inch)
21 Never Odd or Even (7 inch)

BT - The Lost Art of Longing album cover

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