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12 October 2019

Talla 2XLC - Fascinated

The new artist album from Talla 2XLC is out now and includes collaborations with Taucher, Allen Watts and Xavian.


01. From Here To Eternity feat. Xavian
02. Electric Dreams feat. Taucher
03. Elevation
04. Eternia feat. Junk Project
05. Frenetic
06. Love Is Wide Awake feat. Sarah Lynn
07. Till Tomorrow
08. Fascinated
09. The World In My Eyes
10. Mosaic
11. Equinox feat. Allen Watts
12. Silesia
13. Uprising
14. The Oasis
15. Hybreed
16. Eternia feat. Junk Project (Xavian Remix)

Talla 2XLC - Fascinated album cover

Talla 2XLC - Fascinated album video

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