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12 July 2016

York - Traveller

The new album by York is out now, featuring chillout and trance tracks and including collaborations with Ferry Corsten, Rank1, Ferry Tayle, ATB and Stoneface and Terminal.

Track list:

CD 1: Chilled

01. How Did I Fall in Love? (with Nathan Red & Kim Sanders)
02. Salty Belle (feat. R.I.B. & J.Stenzel)
03. My Ship (feat. Ginger Mackenzie)
04. Traveller
05. Burning Flame (with Nathan Red feat. J.Stenzel)
06. Under The Stars (with Ferry Tayle feat. Asheni)
07. This World is so Amazing (with Rank 1 feat. Lola)
08. Oceanica (with Mysticage)
09. Once Upon a Time (with Dreamy feat. Leila)
10. The Horizon of Mars (with Anthya)
11. Crusin' (with Project Blue Sun)
12. Nothing is Over (with Wadadli Acoustics)
13. With You ( with Deep Voices feat. Alexander K.G. Klaus)

CD 2: Not So Chilled

01. Moving in The Shadows (with Nathan Red feat. Doris Pearson)
02. Lilyleaf Ladybell (with Marco Torrance) (Videomix)
03. Seaborne (with JL)
04. Bayette (with Tumi Thusi)
05. Right Back to You (with ATB)
06. Kings & Queens (with Taucher & Ayla) (Stoneface & Terminal Radiocut)
07. Feels Like Heaven (with Nathan Red feat. Scar)
08. Greyhound (with Chola feat. Alexander K.G. Klaus)
09. Interlude
10. What Are We Waiting For? (feat. Inusa Dawuda)
11. We Are (feat. Arlen)

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