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23 April 2016

Bobina - Speed Breaker

The sixth artist album from Bobina is out now and includes collaborations with JES, Christian Burns, Sir Adrian and Natalie Gioia.

Track list:

01. Speed Breaker
02. Addicted (with Natalie Gioia)
03. Love Is the Answer (with Kyle Richardson)
04. Music Box [Album Mix]
05. iBelieve (with JES)
06. The Magik (with Natalie Gioia)
07. Sierra
08. Born Again (with May-Britt Scheffer)
09. Drophead (with Smash featuring Sir Adrian)
10. Refuge
11. My Everything (with Natalie Gioia)
12. Winter
13. Still In Love (with Christian Burns) [Chill Breaker Mix]
14. Maharaja
15. Dare To Love (with Alexandra Badoi)

Bobina - Speed Breaker album cover

Bobina - Speed Breaker album video

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