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16 May 2015

LTN - People I'll Never Forget

The debut artist album from LTN is out now.

Track list:

01. Autumn Leaves
02. Let Me Go (feat. Arielle Maren) (Sunrise Mix)
03. A Long Walk To Freedom
04. Fuego De Amor
05. A Different Side Of You (feat. Arielle Maren)
06. Dreams Of Maya (feat. Anushka Desai)
07. Just Another Man (feat. Kokai feat Ai Takekawa)
08. Feel Your Body Move
09. Crystalline (feat. Diana Leah)
10. Hold On To Your Heart (feat. Christina Novelli) (Sunrise Mix)
11. Villain On The Run (feat. Hysteria!)
12. Quicksand
13. Here I am Again (feat. Illuminor)
14. Somebody I Could Be
15. Illusions (feat. Nina Carr)
16. Not With Me (feat. Love Dimension)
17. Live As One (feat. Arielle Maren)

LTN - People I'll Never Forget album cover

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