Trance Album Releases

1 May 2007

Lustral - Deepest Darkest Secrets

The long-awaited debut album by Lustral, "Deepest Darkest Secrets" is available to download now.

Lustral are successful dance music producers famous for classic club track "Everytime" and many other big tracks under the aliases Space Brothers, Ascension, Chakra, Oxygen and others. The first album under the Lustral name shows a new, darker, more chilled out and experimental sound.

Lustral - Deepest Darkest Secrets


1. Many Years From Now
2. Everytime
3. Broken
4. Because Of You
5. A Quiet Revolution
6. Solace
7. I Wonder Where You Are
8. So This Is Summer
9. In My Life
10. Deepest Darkest Secrets
11. The Price We Pay For Love
12. Recurring Dreams

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